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About Swept Away Services

Swept Away Services is a family-owned and operated business here in St. Catharines, headed by Jen and Duane Swartz.

After returning to Ontario from British Colombia (where their first environmentally conscious cleaning company at Big White Ski Resort started in 2001 - servicing more than 300 chalets, condos, and offices with over 25 staff) they knew they had to bring an eco-conscious approach home to Niagara. 

And just like that, Swept Away Services was born. Since the inception the company has nearly tripled in size. Now a strong team of hard working individuals that feel just as passionately about chemical free cleaning as Jen and Duane, make up this cleaning company. 

In fact, as they have grown over the years they have had the pleasure to work with and encourage other enterpreneurs to start their own essential oil based companies in the Niagara region. It is a great compliment to what they have been doing right all these years!

People are quickly becoming more aware of the harsh everyday chemicals that can so easily be swapped out for a more healthy and effective alternative. 

The team at Swept away Services is ultimately proud to be able to offer our green cleaning services and house made cleaning products to the Niagara Region. 
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